Gangnam Clubs Have Reopened and It’s Causing Serious Concerns Regarding COVID-19

Recent photos show the clubs to be bustling with people.

Recently, a post titled, “The Situation at a Gangnam Club That Reopened After a Month” went viral in online communities, showing the number of people that gathered to party in the midst of the COVID-19 situation.

As soon as the clubs opened back up following a month-long shutdown, young people lined up in front of the doors in hopes to enjoy their weekend.

What many netizens noticed was that they stood quite close together and many people weren’t even wearing masks.

It was reported that a significant number of people were gathered inside of the clubs as well.

As soon as the photos were released, netizens expressed their disapproval with comments such as “People still haven’t woken up to reality yet“, “I’m worried the numbers will go up again“, and “That seems like a bad idea“.

In response, prime minister Jung Se Gyun expressed the dangers of this behavior and announced that a strengthening plan will be put into action.

Despite the recommendation to keep physical distancing, people are beginning to gather at clubs and adult entertainment establishments that have reopened. Closed spaces like clubs where people are in close proximity pose great concerns. We are concerned that it could create ‘silent spreaders’. As such, we will discuss strengthening plans for the enforcement of physical distancing in places like clubs.

– Jung Se Gyun

Korea’s current number of confirmed COVID-19 cases stands at 10,331.

Source: Dispatch and Dispatch