Gangnam Hospital Responds, Following Han Ye Seul’s Horrific Surgery Accident

The hospital confirms Han Ye Seul is getting treatment and compensation.

CHA Medical Center, the hospital where actress Han Ye Seul had her lipoma removed and fell victim to malpractice, responded to her social media update blaming the center for not following up with their actions.


In an official statement, CHA Medical Center Gangnam Branch explained, “Han Ye Seul underwent surgery to have a lipoma removed on April 2nd.”

“To make sure there will not be any scar left, our surgical staff cut and removed the lipoma, located where the brassier strap would go, but in the process, a circular burn scar developed in the process.” — CHA Medical Center


The hospital claimed it is doing everything in its power to make sure the actress recovers from the medical treatment.

“The affected area is on the side of her body, below the left armpit. We are trying plastic surgery and other treatment options to make sure it heals perfectly. As soon as the problem occurred, our medical professionals, including the burn center and plastic surgery center, have been working to treat the wound. Han Ye Seul is coming to see the doctors everyday to receive proper treatment.” — CHA Medical Center


CHA Medical Center is said to be assisting Han Ye Seul see burn and plastic surgery department professionals for a full recovery. The center confirmed its plan is, once the burn is healed, to treat the leftover scar separately with the plastic surgery team.

“As soon as the center became aware of the problem, we offered to compensate Han Ye Seul accordingly after the wound is treated and the severity of the damage is determined. We are working with her to figure out how we can compensate her for the losses.” — CHA Medical Center


Han Ye Seul has not yet responded publicly to the medical center’s statement.

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We hope everything gets figured out and wish Han Ye Seul a quick and full recovery.

Source: SE Daily