Seoul Suffers Severe Flooding—Korean Netizens Share Unbelievable POVs

“This is like a horror movie😱”

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This article includes descriptions of graphic content that may disturb some readers.

Currently, Seoul, South Korea, is experiencing heavy rains, resulting in flooding.

Seoul has been under warning for heavy rain. People have been advised to be cautious and avoid areas prone to flooding and landslides.

[Ministry of Public Administration and Security] Today at 7:40pm, heavy rain and landslide warning in effect for Seoul. Evacuate if in dangerous areas of habitual flooding. Please avoid going out and stay safe.

— Ministry of Public Administration and Security’s Emergency Alert

Sure enough, due to the heavy rains, Seoul, including Gangnam and Incheon, has flooded. Power outages have also been reported.

| The Korea Herald

Koreans are literally waist-deep in water. Cars are nearly completely covered as well.

The Korea Herald

The Korea Herald

The rain is affecting not only the outdoors but inside as well as the flooding is so severe that it has made its way inside stores…

The Korea Herald

…and even subway station due to the ceiling’s collapsing.

It’s transformed the city into the least fun waterpark.

| @dpvlzk0314/Instagram

Netizens have shared videos and photos from their locations, revealing the severity of the current situation.

For many, it feels like something straight out of a “horror movie.” 

Some have gone viral due to the unbelievable sights. The tweet below of a man lounging on his flooded vehicle has received over 4K likes.

Car owner at Gangnam station who’s doused in romanticism
#HeavyRain #Romanticism #WaterPark

— @eennaax/Twitter

A netizen even responded with what appears to be the man’s POV.

Is this his POV?…

— @290bukku/Twitter

Not only have warnings been issued regarding the heavy rains and flooding, but there are evacuation notices issued for some districts.

Korean celebrities, including K-Pop idols, have also been urging fans to be careful via social media.

Unfortunately, heavy thunderstorms are predicted for Seoul’s upcoming days too.

| Weather via Google

We wish everyone safety.

Source: TheKoreaHerald

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