“Garo Sero Institute” Pleads For Donations From Their Subscribers To Help Pay For “Difficult Circumstances”

They claim the channel is in danger.

The infamous YouTube channel, Garo Sero Institute has found themselves in yet, another sticky situation.

Kim Yong Ho (left), Kang Yong Suk (middle) and Kim Se Eui (right) of “Garo Sero Institute.”

On October 27, the CEO of the controversial YouTube channel, Kim Se Eui pleaded with their subscribers for their help. He stated “difficult circumstances” as the reasoning and detailed the current financial situation of Garo Sero Institute.

In the midst of difficult circumstances, I borrowed money from various places and because of this, my employees’ salaries were never pushed back, not even once. However, this time around, I was unable to pay my employees.

— Kim Se Eui

Still from “Garo Sero Institute.”

The host and CEO continued with his pleas by confessing that he has “no money” left and that his debt is too grand.

If it was the past, I would have borrowed money from the people around me or I would have taken out a loan. However, because of ‘Musical Park Jeong Hee,’ I have borrowed an amount that exceed ₩1.26 billion KRW (about $1.08 million USD).

I have no money. ‘Garo Sero Institute’ is in danger. Please help us.

— Kim Se Eui

With that, Kim Se Eui shared an old photo of himself getting his head shaved and concluded his plea by sharing what his subscribers’ donations would do for the YouTube channel.

Photo of Kim Se Eui (left) shaving his head | @가로세로연구소/YouTube

If you decide to help, I will be able to pay my employees their salaries. Thank you so much.

— Kim Se Eui

Garo Sero Institute has been credited with numerous different controversies, as they leak information regarding celebrities based on the intel that they allegedly receive. They were the whistleblowers on Han Ye Seul‘s scandal regarding her alleged prostitution and her boyfriend’s alleged past as a male escort. The infamous YouTube channel also previously shared rumors about Jun Ji Hyun‘s alleged divorce, which was later denied by her agency.

Source: WikiTree
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