Gay Singer Gwon Dowoon Breaks Up With His Boyfriend Just 3 Days After Revealing Him To The Public

Reporters were trying to pry too much into his life.

Gay trot singer Gwon Dowoon revealed he has broken up with his boyfriend just three days after revealing him to the public.

According to Gwon Dowoon’s statement he released through his personal Instagram account, the breakup happened due to the overwhelming interest into his now ex-boyfriend’s personal life, as his ex-boyfriend is not a celebrity.

Hello, this is singer Gwon Dowoon.

First of all, I would like to thank the reporters and netizens for their interest and support for the news of my romantic relationship.

I met my boyfriend, who is five years younger than me, by chance and we started our loving relationship about two weeks ago.

However, after the reports of our romantic relationship and the excessive interest in the personal lives of us and our acquaintances, my boyfriend had a hard time dealing with that, and for a short time, we naturally drifted apart. Unfortunately, we decided to separate as we thought it would be the best for each other.

We are still supporting each other and believe that as much as it hurts, we will both mature from this.

Although it was a short time, I sincerely thank you for supporting my relationship. As a singer, I promise I will return to my original position and greet you with good music.

Thank you again

— Gwon Dowoon

Gwon Dowoon previously shared that some media outlets have been trying to investigate their photos to find out more details of their relationship while others were trying to capture more photos of the two. Back in October 2020, in conjunction with his 10 year anniversary, he came out as gay.

Source: Sports Chosun and Gwon Dowoon
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