GD and Sandara Park update their Instagram following dating rumor

G-Dragon and Sandara Park were in the middle of a frenzy after their extreme closeness recently prompted a few dating speculations. 

Although YG Entertainment responded to the controversy and denied rumors of both artists being in a relationship, G-Dragon and Sandara Park continued to receive a flood of comments on their personal Instagram account.

Since the controversy erupted, the two, however, remained completely neutral on their respective accounts on social networking sites. A day after the incident, Dara merely responded with a photo of herself with the tag, “Off Work, (V sign).” Prior to that, she posted a quote about second chances, which earned her encouraging comments from her followers.

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G-Dragon, on the other hand, simply responded to the controversy with a photo of himself sending a finger heart and continued as normal by reposting a photo from the artist, Mark Grotjahn. 

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These were their first updates since videos allegedly confirming their relationship status went viral. After BIGBANG’s concert ended, the members celebrated with their staff members and acquaintances. As they made their way out of the party, G-Dragon was seen pulling Sandara to his side and held her amidst the loud crowd and speculations immediately spread on social media.

In response to the rumors, YG Entertainment denied the relationship and regarded it as a prank between the two artists.