GD X Taeyang captures Billboard’s attention with “Good Boy”

GD X Taeyang collaboration and single “Good Boy” captured the attention of Billboard as the song mixes the works from the only two male Korean solo artist with Billboard 200 chart entries.

Published on November 20th, Billboard showcased their enjoyment for the collaboration track, “Good Boy” by stating that they “are K-pop’s only male soloists with Billboard 200 chart entries.” Billboard reporter, Jeff Benjamin soon mentioned that “Good Boy” resembles DJ Snake and Lil Jon’s song, “Turn Down for What,” but can also be nicknamed as the second version of CL‘s “MTBD.”

The hip-hop duo released the music video for “Good Boy” on November 21st and now has over 5, 600,000 views. “Good Boy” is a hip-hop track that also mixes the music genre of trap and EDM.

GD X Taeyang are confirmed to make an exclusive performance for “Good Boy” during the 2014 MAMA (MNet Music Awards), making it their first performance as a hip-hop duo.

Meanwhile, they are the first from YG Entertainment’s hip-hop project to be released and YG Entertainment is set to release the second hip-hop group in December.

You can read the full article by Billboard here.

Source: Billboard 

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