G-Dragon Accidentally Fuels Shipping Frenzy With Instagram Name Change

An alleged typo made fans go crazy.

BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon recently changed a few things on his Instagram page, and fans went crazy after an apparent typo unexpectedly fuelled shipping rumors to come back in full force.

The BIGBANG star’s Instagram page also gained attention for the recent pictures posted on his stories. Netizens theorized that the photos, which showed various stickers related to the group’s fandom V.I.P and members Saesung, Taeyang, and T.O.P. Seungri was missing from the post, making netizens think that this was a way for the artist to cut himself off from the former BIGBANG member.

The posts followed up several updates about Seungri, including reports that he continues to frequent clubs.

G-Dragon’s Instagram Story

The shipping rumors weren’t a consequence of any recent posts from G-Dragon, but they followed the idol’s name change on Instagram. The idol seemingly accidentally changed his name on the platform from “G-DRAGON” to “G-DARAGON”, waking up all the fans that ship him with 2NE1‘s Dara.

The two idols have had many supporters ship them over the years, with many believing different conspiracies and theories that pointed toward G-Dragon and Dara possibly being in a relationship. So, it’s understandable G-Dragon’s alleged typo revived all the shippers and sent social media into a frenzy again.

While some insisted the BIGBANG rapper had simply made a typo and fans shouldn’t blow this up, many fans took to Twitter to share their excitement over the recent development.

Some shippers even started calling G-Dragon himself “the biggest shipper” of the two idols. The reasoning behind this is not only the recent Instagram name change but also the time G-Dragon was noticed liking posts that contained videos shipping him with the 2NE1 star.

As with most incidents in K-Pop, G-Dragon’s typo caused concern among fans too — some fans found the shipping craze to be too much, worried that it would bring hate toward either of the idols.

This isn’t the first time G-Dragon has caused shipping controversies through his Instagram. Last year, fans noticed the BIGBANG member had liked a fanmade video on Instagram. The video showed a picture of G-Dragon alongside BLACKPINK‘s Jennie, fueling the continuous shipping conspiracies surrounding the two idols. The fan who posted the video even added that they had not tagged G-Dragon on the post, making it harder for the idol to come across the post.

Similar to the current Dara shipping frenzy, the news of G-Dragon liking the fanmade post divided netizens. Some claimed his actions “aren’t very considerate” and that it wasn’t a “good look” on him. Others defended the idol, saying that he “is known to like many posts at a time” and alleging he might’ve just “liked [it] on accident.