Netizens Allege G-Dragon’s Instagram Post Is A Response To News Of Seungri’s Recent Club Escapades

Seungri was recently in the news for his enduring love for clubbing.

Netizens are alleging that G-Dragon‘s recent Instagram story is in response to news of Seungri‘s club escapades.

G-Dragon | @xxxibgdrgn/Instagram

Recently, K-Pop fans were shocked to learn that Seungri continues to frequent clubs following his release from prison. Many netizens felt that in light of his Burning Sun fiasco, a club is the last place Seungri should be visiting.

Seungri Continues To Visit Clubs Following His Release From Prison

The news was then followed up by a bombshell Dispatch report, in which the media outlet alleged that Seungri was spotted at a hotel in Thailand with his alleged influencer girlfriend. According to the influencer, she was in Thailand to attend the wedding. Dispatch also reported that they confirmed with the hotel that Seungri had stayed there.

Dispatch Reports That Seungri Was Spotted At A Hotel In Thailand With Influencer

Amid the news, on March 26, G-Dragon uploaded a story dedicated to his iconic K-Pop group, BIGBANG. In the story, the icon uploaded several stickers memorializing the group, including its four members, Daesung, Taeyang, T.O.P., and himself. The story also includes stickers referring to the group’s fan club, V.I.P, and the group’s lightstick. Missing from the post was any mention of the group’s disgraced member, Seungri.

G-Dragon’s story |

Soon netizens alleged that G-Dragon’s post was uploaded in response to news of Seungri and to cut himself off from the disgraced idol. In a viral post, a netizen alleged that G-Dragon was consciously distancing himself from Seungri. Netizens can be seen referring to Seungri, whose name in Korean means win, as “loser.”

(G-Dragon) uploaded a sticker of the four members after Dispatch released an article about Loser (Seungri) going to the clubs and made it seem like they were going to hunt down the celebrities who were contacted by (Seungri).

Also, the fact that “Loser” still hasn’t gotten his act together and is going to the clubs is disgusting.

Since (G-Dragon) will be promoting soon, it makes more sense to cut ties, LOL. The “Loser” made even G-Dragon, who is famous for not caring about reporters, cut ties with him publicly.

— Netizen

  • “Fans will know that G-Dragon has never responded to reporters or articles, but I guess he couldn’t help himself this time, LOL. He outright uploaded four members, LOL. And it seems like he’s legit preparing for his comeback. I guess he didn’t want (Seungri) to rain on his parade, LOL. Seungri’s fans are just $hit.”
  • “Honestly, I thought GD (G-Dragon) might just leave BIGBANG in the past. It is a group that he’s been working on since he was 8. I felt since I couldn’t even imagine what it was like for him to see his group be ripped apart while he was in the army, I thought BIGBANG would be just left in the past. GD seemed unstable as well. But seeing how G-Dragon cut ties, it seems G-Dragon has been thinking about the future all along, LOL. GD is going to continue moving forward and there isn’t anything to be worried about.”
  • “If G-Dragon cuts you off, then there really is no going back for you, LOL. Loser’s crazy fans’ hearts are broken.”
  • “Wow, I’ve never seen GD do that (respond to the press).”
  • “Seriously, “Loser” is such a pain. After being released from jail, he should have just lived quietly, but he went clubbing and traveled overseas, and eventually, Dispatch released an article, and now everyone is asking who are Seungri’s friends as if they are playing Hot Potato.”
  • “I hated him (Seungri) even when he was on the team, so imagine how the members felt.”

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