Seungri Continues To Visit Clubs Following His Release From Prison

What Seungri’s been up to following his release from prison.

Following his release from prison, Seungri‘s personal life has come into the public spotlight, including his club visits.

According to an exclusive report from SPOTV, Seungri’s daily life has returned to what it typically was prior to his involvement in the Burning Sun Scandal following his release from prison. Seungri was released from prison back on February 9, 2023. It has been stated that he is enjoying his life with a relatively bright appearance, according to those around him.

One individual mentioned to SPOTV that Seungri has been contacting individuals in the entertainment industry that he used to be close with, checking in on them.

There was a time where Seungri got into contact with me, asking me how I was doing.

His voice became more relaxed, but he was just as bright as before.

— Individual A

Another individual told SPOTV that Seungri could not give up his love for clubbing, contacting his friends to go clubbing with him.

Seungri will contact his friends, including celebrities, and suggest to go to the club.

— Individual B

Source: SPOTV
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