GD Is Joining The Army And CL Says She’s NOT Gonna Visit Him

YG Entertainment has confirmed BIGBANG G-Dragon’s military enlistment to be on February 27.


“We can confirm that he received his draft notice. All the BIGBANG members already had considered enlisting in the military shortly after they received the military enlistment draft notice. G-Dragon will be enlisting at the end of this month on February 27.”


Since then CL posted an Instagram update with G-Dragon, adorably captioning it “Don’t worry I won’t come visit you,” showing off their brother-sister relationship.


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YG Entertainment also mentioned that G-Dragon plans to enlist quietly and earnestly serve his duty.


“To avoid creating a public spectacle, G-Dragon plans to quietly enter the military as an active-duty soldier without an official public farewell and vows to earnestly serve in the military. “


Regarding his enlistment, G-Dragon commented, “Just as Spring comes after Winter, we will all meet together very soon. Until then, please be healthy and don’t be sad. The 5 BIGBANG members will always wish for everyone’s happiness since you are all the source of our strength. If we wait patiently day by day for us to reunite, the day will come quickly. Our love for you will never ever change.”


YG Entertainment’s statement on G-Dragon’s enlistment came shortly after Dispatch released an exclusive article on why G-Dragon had not enlisted in the military yet.

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