Dispatch Reveals The Complete Truth Behind G-Dragon’s Latest Controversy

G-Dragon was accused of delaying his military enlistment through unlawful methods. Here’s the truth…

Dispatch‘s exclusive report on BIGBANG G-Dragon‘s education history questioned if he postponed his military enlistment through his “hidden education history”.

G-Dragon’s full education timeline is necessary to understand how his “hidden education history” affects his mandatory military enlistment, where South Korea requires all male citizens to serve at least 21 months in the military sometime between the ages of 18 and 35.

G-Dragon’s Education Timeline

G-Dragon entered Kyunghee University in 2009 when he was 21 years old (Korean age), where he majored under the postmodern department. However, he dropped out in the same year.

He resumed his studies again the following year in 2010 but in Kukje Cyber University, a different school. He graduated with a degree in leisure sports in August 2013, 4-years since he first began his college career.

Kukje University campus. Source: KyeongIn

G-Dragon then immediately began his Master’s program by enrolling in Sejong University’s graduate program for content distribution in September 2013. He obtained his Master’s degree in August 2016 at the age of 28.

G-Dragon was able to delay his military enlistment between 2009 to 2016 because he was completing an educational degree. This is frequently done by Korean men, celebrities and non-celebrities alike.

G-Dragon’s “Hidden Education History”

While he was enrolled in Sejong University’s graduate school, G-Dragon delayed his military enlistment farther for the following two reasons: educational purposes and a miscellaneous reason.

He was able to postpone his enlistment by 370 days for the former reason. Although it’s unclear what his “educational purposes” indicates, Dispatch suspects that G-Dragon was able to postpone his enlistment for 370 days by applying for a doctorate degree. A graduate student is granted 370 days of postponement if he applies for a doctorate program.

If Dispatch’s claims are true, G-Dragon would have applied for a Ph.D. program in 2016, allowing him a postponement window between 2016~2017.

Furthermore, G-Dragon was granted an extra 90 days postponement for a miscellaneous reason. He was granted the 90 days because of his celebrity status and his promotional schedules, including his world tour. His 90 days began in November 2017.

The Effects Of G-Dragon’s Postponements

There is nothing illegal or malicious about G-Dragon’s postponement. However, his educational background has become an issue due to the social stigma in South Korea that believes celebrities receive special treatment when it comes to mandatory military services.

Theoretically, any Korean man has the freedom to receive the same amount of postponement days that G-Dragon received because of his education history, excluding the miscellaneous 90 days that were postponed for his celebrity promotions.

YG Entertainment spoke up to clarify G-Dragon’s current status in terms of his enlistment.

“G-Dragon and Taeyang are both waiting for their active enlistment letters and plan to enlist as directed.”

— YG Entertainment

Source: Dispatch and TV Daily