Dispatch Reveals Police Conversation Regarding G-Dragon’s Alleged Guest, Actor “B”

Will police publicize another actor?

On December 1, Dispatch revealed that Police would not be going after an actor who was also implicated along with G-Dragon.

G-Dragon | Chosun Ilbo

According to the media outlet, Police have ruled out an actor who allegedly was with G-Dragon at an adult entertainment bar. The actor is reportedly known to be a very close friend of G-Dragon.

Actor B is not a person of interest. We have no plans to call him in for questioning.

— Incheon Police

On November 24, it was reported that the sex worker (K), whose testimony sparked the celebrity drug scandal, changed her original story and admitted that she had never seen G-Dragon do drugs.

G-Dragon’s Drug Investigation Takes Unexpected Turn After Sex Worker Changes Story

Notably, the alleged witness seemed to suggest it might have been G-Dragon’s friend who had done drugs and not the K-Pop icon.

I have never seen G-Dragon do drugs in person. B was also in the bathroom for a long time. His eyes were hazy even though he didn’t drink.

— Sex Worker (K)

Dispatch reported that despite K’s attempts to steer the investigation toward actor “B,” the police are no longer biting and stated to Dispatch that they wouldn’t be expanding their investigation.

Just because his name was implicated doesn’t mean we are going to investigate him.

— Incheon Police

Stay tuned for updates.

Source: dispatch