G-Dragon Estimated To Make $1 Million USD From His Art Exhibition

He’s making bank even while serving in the military.

G-Dragon, who is still fulfilling his military duties, had announced his exhibition for his own artworks. The exhibition opened in Taiwan, which will be held until August 18. It will then make its way to Singapore, Shanghai, Bangkok, Indonesia, Jakarta, and Hong Kong.


The exhibition’s tickets are being sold for 300 TWD (~$10 USD), with fans from all over the world visiting to see his works. G-Dragon had created digital and acrylic prints of the works that he created before he enlisted. Each of his artworks is being sold from around $518 to $218 USD each. All of the prints are expected to be sold, which means he will make about 1.278 billion won (~$1.05 million USD).


However, netizens have begun to criticize G-Dragon for pursuing profitable business while still active as an enlisted soldier. He is expected to be discharged from the military on October 26.

The Department Of Defense made a statement regarding whether it was allowed for G-Dragon to make commercial profit while serving his military duties. They explained that it won’t be a problem if G-Dragon was only a part of it before he enlisted and is not directly involved with the profits from the exhibition itself.

Profits earned from royalties that come from works created before his enlistment aren’t recognized as wrongful commercial activity.

However, if the party is directly or indirectly participating in the process of producing a profit from the exhibition, this can be regarded as a commercial activity.

— Department Of Defense


The focus has turned to whether G-Dragon had taken part in producing the exhibition or if only his works from before his enlistment were simply taken for reproduction. However, the exhibition’s production list included ‘UNWRAPP’, a subsidiary from G-Dragon’s personal brand, PEACEMINUSONE.

Source: Sports Today