G-Dragon Shows Fellow BIGBANG Member T.O.P Some Love On His Birthday

Their love is unchanged after 14 years together.

It’s BIGBANG‘s T.O.P‘s birthday today, and fellow member, G-Dragon made sure to show him some love on his official Instagram.

On G-Dragon’s Instagram account, he posted a blurry selfie of himself with T.O.P where they showed off very vibrant hair colors.

| @xxxibgdrgn/Instagram


As expected from the two fashionistas, the photos highlight their unmatched swag.

What’s even cuter about the photo is the fact that T.O.P can be seen looking blank and straight-faced while G-Dragon leaned into his “hyung” for a much-needed selfie.

G-Dragon captioned the photo with a heart making the post even sweeter.

Fans are particularly excited about this tribute because their love for each other still hasn’t died down after 14 years together.

Some of the comments include “I want to see them together soon“, “I hope they perform for their 14-year anniversary“, and “When are they making a comeback together?

| @phillip_paradise/Instagram

Plans for a group comeback is uncertain, but it’s recently been revealed that G-Dragon is preparing for his solo comeback.

Let’s hope for some exciting news soon!

Source: Insight