Confusion Erupts As New Label Holds Sudden Press Conference Regarding G-Dragon’s Future Amid The Idol’s YG Entertainment Rumors

What’s going on?!

Galaxy Corporation will reportedly hold a press conference regarding G-Dragon.

G-Dragon | Pinterest

On December 20, Sports Chosun reported that Galaxy Corporation would hold a press conference the next day at the JW Marriott Hotel in Seocho, Seoul.

JW Marriott Seoul

According to the report, Galaxy Corporation will be holding the press conference to discuss G-Dragon’s acquittal as well as his future promotions. It is important to note that G-Dragon reportedly has not signed with the label.

The report further speculates that the sudden press conference may be in direct response to earlier reports stating that G-Dragon is most likely going to sign with YG Entertainment.

G-Dragon Reportedly Close To Signing With YG Entertainment Amid Acquittal

The prior report directly contradicts a previous report claiming that the idol had signed with Galaxy Corporation.

G-Dragon Reportedly Signs With A New Agency

Stay tuned for updates.

Source: sports chosun