G-Dragon Immediately Halted His First “Fan Meeting” Since Finishing His Enlistment To Greet A Special Fan

The fan walked straight towards him.

G-Dragon held a brief yet emotional mini-fan-meeting with over 3,000 of his fans who showed up to celebrate his military discharge.


It was an emotional time for G-Dragon and his VIPs as he shed tears and the fans shed tears during their reunion.


Just as G-Dragon was beginning to talk with his fans, he immediately stopped when he saw a fan walk towards him. He dropped his megaphone right away and began walking towards the fan.


The fan turned out to be an adorable baby dressed in GD’s signature style and a PEACEMINUSONE beanie!


G-Dragon couldn’t help but fawn over his little fan as he gushed over the cute toddler!


To show his appreciation for his baby fan, he wore the fan’s flower necklace from start to finish during his fan meeting – all the way home!


Welcome back, G-Dragon!