G-Dragon Spotted Enjoying an NBA Game in the States

GD? Is that you???

BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon was recently spotted enjoying an NBA game in the States.

The first photos of G-Dragon were posted by the stadium of Portland Trail Blazers through their official Instagram account.


The photos show G-Dragon looking focused on the game, and even filming some of it for his own records.

But considering the fashion icon that he is, what stood out just as much as G-Dragon’s outfit.


He sported a purple beanie with sunglasses propped on top of it, proving that G-Dragon makes a statement wherever he goes.

On this day, Portland Trail Blazers played against Houston Rockets and won 125 to 112.

The home team also expressed their gratitude toward G-Dragon for stopping by.

Thanks for stopping by G-Dragon!

– Moda Center

And naturally, fans left comments expressing their excitement in seeing the Korean rapper in the States.

That’s Kwon Jiyoung…

That’s crazy. Jiyong… Have a good time off.

Oh my god!!! Kwon Jiyoung…

Seeing from the reactions, G-Dragon is a total star wherever he goes in the world.

Source: Dispatch