G-Dragon Officially Signs With New Agency

It’s official.

G-Dragon has officially signed with a new agency, Galaxy Corporation.

During the company’s press conference held at the JW Marriott Hotel on December 21, Galaxy Corporation announced the company signed an exclusive contract with G-Dragon. He was previously rumored to be joining the company.

G-Dragon Reportedly Signs With A New Agency

There have been several inquiries about G-Dragon’s future, especially his relationship with our company, following the conclusion of his investigation. That’s why we’d like to share this with you all today.

More than anything, this is a place where Kwon Ji Yong, who had a difficult time, can reorganize and return to the public as an artist. Please encourage and support both Galaxy Corporation and G-Dragon so we can have a good journey together in the future.

— Galaxy Corporation

In addition, Galaxy Corporation gave a warning to the malicious posters who were uploading content and posts defaming G-Dragon, giving them until December 28 to either delete or edit their posts to correct any false information and remove any defaming content. After December 28, they will proceed with legal action with no leniency.

Earlier, YG Entertainment officially confirmed G-Dragon would be departing their company.

YG Entertainment And G-Dragon Have Officially Parted Ways

Source: Newsen