This Top Model Finally Talked About That Topless Photo With G-Dragon 

She thought he was just like any other star!

Top Model Soojoo and BIGBANG’s G-Dragon first caught headlines with this topless photo featured on the cover of Vogue Korea in 2013.


…And further received headlines as they maintained their close friendship in the pubic eye. As seen by their many fashion events, pictorials and SNS posts.


In her appearance on Radio Star, she talked about the first time she met the BIGBANG member. But surprisingly, she initially didn’t know who G-Dragon was at all!

“I didn’t know that G-Dragon was famous. I thought he was a celebrity who dresses well.”

— Soojoo 


She also revealed more details how that initial shoot went on and the reaction that followed afterwards. 

“We had a twin concept for the pictorial. We had similar hairstyles and worked all day with one me having to be topless and back hugging him. I did not know it would be such a big issue. Then we got along well after that.”

— Soojoo 


Who knew that the ‘nobody’ you were working with was actually one of the hottest idols in history?!

Source: TVReport