New Updates Of G-Dragon’s Dogs Show Gaho’s New Home And Jolie’s Disappearance

A reporter and fan released new video and photo.

The people taking care of G-Dragon‘s family-run pension came under fire after visitors posted photos of his Shar Pei dogs not being taken care for. G-Dragon got the bunt of the criticisms too as netizens started to attack him for adopting new cats, while his dogs are in this state.

His dogs, Gaho and Jolie, were seen tied to a small caged in area in the pension’s yard. The dogs looked “overheated” and “sad” in the raging summer heat. The dogs’ nails were also so long that it showed that they weren’t receiving the most basic care or been taken out for walks.

After the heavy backlash, a fan posted a photo update showing that Gaho’s nails have been trimmed since the scandal and was given fresh summer blankets to lay on.

The fan also claimed that a groomer was called to come clean their ears and trim their nails.

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– According to DolceVita, they called a mobile groomer today and got their nails cut and their ears cleaned.

– This is the photo of Gaho after he got his nails trimmed.

— @skdal6072

A reporter decided to take a visit himself to see how Gaho and Jolie were being treated since the scandal. He uploaded a video of the dogs’ home now.

Gaho was seen walking around the same area which appeared to have been updated with higher and sturdier cage walls, new blankets, and a wider space.

The reporter confirmed that his nails were trimmed.

But he also noted that Jolie had disappeared. Jolie’s dog house and area was taken away and Gaho’s area was extended for bigger space.

The reporter tried to reach out to an attendant and the representative but were shut down for any questioning.

Gaho and Jolie initially lived with G-Dragon in Seoul. As they got older and required more space and time than he could provide, Gaho and Jolie were sent to his family-run pension so they can have more room to run around and enjoy visits from G-Dragon’s fans.

Hopefully, Gaho and Jolie will now be taken care of on a regular basis.

Source: Top Star News