Here’s Why G-Dragon Gained Weight, According To Netizens

Whatever the reason may be, fans are just happy to see that he seems healthy.

Recent photos of G-Dragon has shown that the idol has put on some weight since his enlistment.


While fans were relieved that he was looking healthier, one cannot help but wonder how he suddenly gained this weight.


According to fans, G-Dragon had such a busy schedule with his solo tour that it was only normal that he looked so thin during this time.  Moreover, he had done a total of 138 concerts from 2015 until his enlistment.


According to a chart for the biggest tours by South Korean artists, BIGBANG was also placed in the top ranks from 2013-2017.


They performed 66 shows on their “Made Tour” in 2015-2016, 24 shows on their “0.TO.10” tour in 2016-2017 and the list goes on.


Meanwhile, BTS, BIGBANG and TVXQ are currently ranked No.2 on the same list for 2018 with BTS performing 42 shows on their world tour from 2018-2019. TVXQ has performed 20 shows on their dome tour in Japan in 2017.


After seeing these records, netizens have been stating that G-Dragon was finally able to take a break from his work through his military enlistment and expressed their relief.

  • “I guess going to the military is resting for G-dragon”
  • “I’m so happy he looks healthyㅠㅠ”
  • “He obviously doesn’t have that sexy vibe anymore but thank goodness it seems like he’s healthy, happy and eating well”
Source: Pann Nate