G-Dragon’s Instagram Post Hints At Him Mourning Lee Sun Kyun

They were investigated for the same Incheon drug case.

G-Dragon has seemingly joined the multiple Korean celebrities who have publicly paid their respects to the late actor Lee Sun Kyun.

G-Dragon | YG Life

On December 28, the K-Pop star posted a photo of a white chrysanthemum on his Instagram story without any caption. In Korean tradition, the flower symbolizes grief and is used by mourners to pay their respects to the deceased at a funeral.

Lee Sun Kyun, the popular Korean actor, passed away suddenly on December 27, in the middle of being investigated for alleged drug use. The case has been highly publicized, and G-Dragon was also dragged into it. The singer, just like Lee, was investigated for suspected drug use, and the allegations were made by the same party that accused Lee.

G-Dragon voluntarily met with the Incheon Police for questioning | Wikitree

G-Dragon and Lee Sun Kyun both underwent drug tests and tested negative. While the former was able to clear his name and even take extra measures to communicate his innocence to the public, the latter was still under investigation. A few days before his death, Lee Sun Kyun was interrogated by the police for 19 hours straight.

Police Reports The Results Of Actor Lee Sun Kyun’s Drug Test

G-Dragon’s tribute to Lee Sun Kyun saddened fans, who feel that both the stars were targeted through an unfair witch hunt and wish that Lee could finally find peace.

Source: Yonhap