G-Dragon Reveals His Ideal Target Audience For The Paranoise 2 PEACEMINUSONE x Nike Sneakers And It’s Probably Not You

You’re probably not in it!

G-Dragon has many labels to his name – from artist, singer, idol, songwriter, producer, CEO, and of course, fashion designer. His own brand, PEACEMINUSONE has often sold out worldwide. Needless to say, each of his collaborations are also highly sought after. On 25 November, the savvy talent dropped his latest kicks – Paranoise 2, a collaboration between PEACEMINUSONE and Nike.

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During a press conference for the release, he personally revealed who he hopes the target audience for these comfy kicks will be. G-Dragon shared that he hopes that instead of people his age or young kids, the older generation would be able to wear his shoes comfortably. He named people like his mother, grandmother and his grandfathers as ideal candidates for the sneakers!

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He also shared a heart-warming comment that only designers can relate to – if he sees such people wearing his shoes on the streets with the trademark cracks and peels, he will make sure to snap a quick photo of them! G-Dragon even shared that if he’s on the car, he’d get off just to get the shot.

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VIPs must be incredibly proud of this man! We can’t wait to see what new designs he comes up with next.


Source: theqoo