Get Ready To Be Wowed By New K-Pop Boy Group XODIAC In Debut Music Video “Throw A Dice”

Talent is served in abundance with these boys.

Hong Kong-based entertainment agency, One Cool Jacso, announced nine members from OCJ NEWBIES, their 17-member trainee group, as the new K-pop boy band, XODIAC. Members LEX, HYUNSIK, ZAYYAN, BEOMSOO, WAIN, GYUMIN, SING, DAVIN, and LEO stand out in XODIAC’s official debut single “Throw A Dice,” now available on all streaming platforms.

XODIAC | One Cool Jacso

The first K-Pop band to land four major magazine shoots, including Cosmopolitan, ELLE MEN, Harper’s Bazaar, and Men’s Uno—from Hong Kong—before their official debut and winning at the global Weibo Account Festival held in Japan on December 20 is unprecedented. The group as a collective received an award for “Potential New Boy Group,” and XODIAC leader LEX is one of the first solo pre-debut artists to receive the “Fashion Rookie” award.

“Throw A Dice” is a musical journey from an Ocean’s 13 film vibe with high stakes and a winner at the end, featuring XODIAC’s gentlemen in sharply dressed visuals. The music is a perfect blend of pop and rap elements that delivers high energy and a powerful rhythm to get listeners moving.

| One Cool Jacso

XODIAC’s singing style is a fun and light pop sound, contrasted with a lower and more mature rap beat, adding depth and variation to the song. Each member performs their best moves smoothly and effortlessly, making a strong impression of their highly-skilled choreography. Overall, the “Throw A Dice ” music video is a feast for the eyes and a perfect complement to the catchy and upbeat song!

XODIAC is one of the most highly-anticipated boy groups set to take over as rookies in 2023 as they prepare to visit fans overseas in Amsterdam and London on 30th May and 1st June respectively.

Listen to “Throw A Dice” below!

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