GFRIEND Fans In Anger Over Weverse’s Lack Of Proper Refunds For Membership

Korean fans even consulted a legal aid.

Fans of GFRIEND have recently been angered by Weverse‘s lacking refund policy. Previously, it was reported that GFRIEND would be leaving their current company, Source Music. As such, the girls will be taken off the Weverse platform in due time, although not immediately. However, when Buddies tried to request refunds, they were told that their membership fees will not be refunded. Instead, Buddies will receive Weverse Cash.

Although Weverse Cash can be used to purchase fan goods and other services, many Buddies claim it does not make sense as a consumer. With their favorite group being taken off the Weverse platform, they will not have anywhere to spend their Weverse Cash on.

A Korean fan even sought legal advice from a free legal consultation platform, Angry People. They explained the current situation at hand, claiming they had purchased a year’s worth of membership previously. However, they were unable to receive cash refunds or credit card reimbursement and were offered points credit in the Weverse app instead.

Complaint on Angry People. | Angry People

Thankfully, a legal consultant provided good news. A point refund violates the E-Commerce Act as well as the Contents Industry Promotions Act. Korean buddies can apply for dispute settlement with the mediation committee or file a complaint with the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism to seek corrective action.

Although this may be more difficult for international Buddies to correct if a proper complaint is filed in Korea, things may change for the international consumers as well. Here’s to hoping all goes well for fans.

Source: Angry People


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