GFRIEND Caught A Fan Trying To Secretly Film Them

At a recent fan sign, GFRIEND‘s members noticed an attendee attempting to secretly film them in a very up close and personal way.

Fansigns are complex proceedings that require meticulous planning and stringent rules in order to go smoothly, and one of the rules that many companies instate is that cameras are forbidden at the signing tables.

One fan, however, thought he could get away with bringing a camera up to the fansign table by hiding one in his glasses. Unfortunately for him, GFRIEND’s members are very observant and he was caught.

One fan caught the whole incident on video.

In the video, Yuju can be seen leaning forward to take a closer look at the man’s glasses and, after he moves on to the next member in the fansign, SinB, Yuju appears to tell Sowon about how the fan may have been up to something suspicious, causing Sowon to take a second look.

Once the fan moved on once more, from SinB to Yerin, Yuju pointed out the man’s glasses to SinB and caused her to take a second look as well.

SinB taking another look at the glasses in question.

Yerin was the last member fans could interact with during the fansign and she asked the man to take off his glasses. While holding the man’s glasses, she also caught the attention of the group’s managers. After giving the man his glasses back, she appears to have turned to the manager and told him that there was a camera in them.

Later in the fansign, one of the group’s managers could be seen holding the glasses in question appearing to have confiscated them and confirming that there was a hidden camera embedded in them.

GFRIEND’s manager holding the glasses with a camera.

Watch Yuju and Yerin realize that there was a camera in the fan’s glasses:

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