GFRIEND Shows Off Their Unchanging Friendship And Visits Fan Events

They visited fan-run birthday events!

GFRIEND‘s Yerin and Umji surprisingly share the same birthday, August 19! Although the girls are a year apart, fans often celebrate their birthdays together at cafe events. Fan-run cafe events are held in collaboration with a local cafe, where the decor is done up by fans to feature their idols. Special menus named after the idols are also often set up, with freebies provided upon purchase.

GFRIEND made sure to show their love for fans and the birthday girls, with visits to a few lucky cafes. Sowon attended one with Umji for her birthday celebration. The girls were photographed by fans that were present.

On a different day, Yerin and Umji had gone to a joint event together.

They look as happy as can be!

We love to see it.

It seems like their friendship remains unchanged despite having left Source Music. The members made sure to wish the birthday girls through Instagram stories as well. Happy birthday to the two lovely girls!

Source: pann


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