GFRIEND Members Showed Their Own Unique Character Through This One Gesture

They’re too cute.

The GFRIEND members all made this one gesture at a recent fansign event and fans cannot handle their cuteness.


When one of the fans came up to their table and proceded with a military salute before taking a seat, each member returned the salute in their own way! Sowon, who seemed to be taken by surprise, did a little salute using both her hands.


SinB did a more serious one that simply looked perfect!


Like the maknae that she is, Umji gave the fan a maknae-like salute.


Yuju did a quick little salute that was simple, precise and accurate.


Eunha even added a “Pilseung! (Victory!)” into her salute.


And finally, Yerin was drinking water when the fan got up and gave her a salute. She immediately put her water down did a cute and bold salute twice after being confused as to which hand to use.


With the same gesture, each member showed their unique individual character but what they all had in common was their irresistible cuteness!

Source: Pann Nate