GFRIEND To Add Their Unique Color To October With 2 New Japanese Single Albums

GFRIEND is coming back with 2 new Japanese single albums!

While fall is already a colorful season, GFRIEND is ready to add some of their own special color to the season with two new Japanese single albums!

Posting the exciting news on GFRIEND’s official Japanese site and SNS accounts, Source Music revealed the the group will be releasing 回: LABYRINTH~Crossroads~ and 回: Song of the Sirens~Apple~ on October 14 and 21 respectively.

回: LABYRINTH~Crossroads~ will contain Japanese versions of “Labyrinth” and “Crossroads” both of which were from the group’s 8th mini-album 回: LABYRINTH released in February.

| @GFRDofficialJP/Twitter

The powerhouse group, meanwhile will also be giving fans even more treats with 回: Song of the Sirens~Apple~ which will consist of the Japanese versions of “Apple” and “Tarot Cards” from their latest mini-album released in July.

| @GFRDofficialJP/Twitter

Further raising the excitement for these upcoming releases is the fact that this will be GFRIEND’s first Japanese release in 11 months since dropping their first full album Fallin’ Light in November 2019!

GFRIEND, meanwhile, made their Japanese debut in 2018 after partnering with King Records. They’ve released three singles and one full album, all of which swept charts and stolen countless hearts. And last year, they also took home the Best 3 New Artist Award at the 33rd Japan Golden Disc Awards.

And with two new Japanese single albums on the way, GFRIEND is ready to steal even more hearts! Are you excited about the new albums?

| @GFRDofficial/Twitter
Source: Osen