GFRIEND’s SinB, ASTRO’s Moonbin, SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan And More To Appear On Radio Show Together

98-ers, assemble!

GFRIEND‘s SinB and ASTRO‘s Moonbin are known to be the closest of friends. Having grown up together, the two have a chemistry that is unbeatable! Many fans love seeing them on broadcast together.

On the other hand, SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan is known as a social butterfly. He is already known to be close friends with the GFRIEND members and has talked about SinB on camera before. He is also childhood friends with Moonbin.


So what’s a multi-stan to do when it was revealed that the 98-ers will be appearing on a radio show together? Not only will SinB, Moonbin and Seungkwan be coming together, included in the lineup is IMFACT‘s Na Woongjae and soloist Lee Suji (formerly from The Ark). The cherry on top of the cake? GFRIEND’s Umji will be the host.

The guests will be having fun events such as quizzes on each other and share TMI gossip with fans. Make sure to tune in to the episode of Avengirls dated January 20, 2021 on Naver NOW to catch the 98-ers in action.