GFRIEND SinB’s Reaction To ASTRO Moonbin’s Crazy Dancing Sums Up Their True Friendship

SinB is all of us.

ASTRO and GFRIEND were both present during the Busan One Asia Festival 2019, and during the ending segment, Moonbin got so hyped that he started dancing crazily next to a group of female idols next to him!


But fans soon found out that Moonbin wasn’t dancing with just any female idol, it was his childhood friend SinB!


SinB emerged from behind her members after getting attacked by Moonbin’s energetic puppy-like dancing!


And the expression on her face summarized their adorable friendship perfectly!


Moonbin continued to exert all of his energy like the energetic puppy that he is, and SinB was done with his shenanigans!


These two visuals have been friends since they were in elementary school, often appearing in photoshoots, commercials, and gigs together since young! And their adorable friendship has continued on into their adulthood!


But what else would you expect when you put a group of energizer bunnies like GFRIEND and ASTRO together?!


Check out their adorable interaction below:

Source: Nate Pann