GFRIEND’s SinB And ASTRO’s Moonbin Grew Up Living Next Door To Each Other

They basically grew up together.

Numerous idols have dear friendships with other fellow idols that date back to when they were just a child and GFRIEND‘s SinB and ASTRO‘s Moonbin are one of them!


In fact, SinB and Moonbin basically grew up together as they lived in apartments that were right next to each other!


Moreover, they apparently began their strides towards becoming a star together. They not only modelled for children’s clothing…


But they also apparently went to the same dance academy!


And considering the way they interact with each other after having debuted as K-Pop stars, it seems like their friendship is still going strong. SinB often “scolds” Moonbin for joking around or for whatever it is that he does…


And then there’s the famous Idol Star Athletics Championship moment when Moonbin shows off his charming wink. SinB’s smile immediately turned upside down without her even knowing.


In fact, SinB couldn’t hold back her laughter the moment Moonbin entered wearing an aerobics costume.


But SinB also knew how to be more sincere as she expressed her support for Moonbin and ASTRO in the “Thanks to” of GFRIEND’s album.

“Also, support Bin (Moonbin) and ASTRO! Thanks to you guys, I was able to regain my energy. Even though we can’t talk often, I know through telepathy that you guys are supporting me and I love you guys.”


Their friendship that’s been going on for 10+ years is truly admirable! Check out their latest interaction below:

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Source: Instiz