GFRIEND To Take A Trip With Fans Through Their New Reality Show “GFRIEND’s Memoria”

GFRIEND will take fans on an adventure through their new program:

Get ready to set out on a new adventure with GFRIEND through their new reality program!

GFRIEND recently announced they would be launching their exciting new travel-themed reality show called, GFRIEND’s Memoria, on April 17! Through the program, GFRIEND will be able to share their precious memories with Buddy as they head out on all kinds of new adventures together!

As anticipation has been building for the program ever since it was first announced, GFRIEND just gave fans a sneak peek at their first trip through their recently released episode 0! With the teaser showing scenes like GFRIEND getting their snack on and having a blast in the snow, there’s no doubt that GFRIEND’s Memoria will be filled with lots of fun, adventure, more.

The show is set to premiere on April 17 through Weverse at 9 PM KST. New episodes will be available every Friday on the fan community app. Fans can also catch the episodes through GFRIEND’s official YouTube channel and V Live channel every Saturday, starting on April 18, at 9 PM KST.

Additionally, Buddy can also look forward to more exclusive behind footage every Sunday on Weverse.

If only Friday could come a little faster! In the meantime, we plan on watching episode 0 plenty more times while we wait. You can check out the full teaser for yourself below:

Source: Osen