GFRIEND’s Umji Uploads Nostalgic Videos From Her Debut And Fans Are Not Okay

Her caption 😢

GFRIEND‘s forever maknae (youngest member) Umji took all of her fans down memory lane with her newest Instagram uploads.

GFRIEND’s Umji | @ummmmm_j.i/Instagram

Umji uploaded some nostalgic videos from the girl group’s debut days, when the members of the group were promoting with “Glass Bead.” The GFRIEND member posted a series of clips from one of their “Glass Bead” practice sessions, propelling all BUDDYs into instant nostalgia. To make the feeling even more aggressive, Umji wrote a lyric from their debut song as the post’s caption. Her post read,

We won’t break that easily.

— Umji @ummmmm_j.i/Instagram

Umji, who was born in 1998, was only 16-years-old (American age) at the time of this video and the group’s official debut. Her youth could be felt through these nostalgic videos, as her adorable baby face that the nation fell in love with was showcased throughout the clip.

| @ummmmm_j.i/Instagram

Just look at her and her adorable cheeks!

| @ummmmm_j.i/Instagram

She ended her post with a photo that was dated back to January 16, 2015, which is just one day after their official debut date.

| @ummmmm_j.i/Instagram

GFRIEND fans could not help but express their sadness while watching the 6-year-old clip of a young Umji during the group’s beginning days.

| @ummmmm_j.i/Instagram

Previously, GFRIEND and their agency Source Music confirmed that all 6-members would be leaving the company after almost a decade together. While a disbandment was neither confirmed nor denied, GFRIEND fans have been left heartbroken after the news. Umji’s nostalgic post was uploaded just a week after the group’s sudden news went public, igniting an even sadder response from their fans.

GFRIEND | Source Music

In the midst of all the sorrow, Umji and her fellow GFRIEND members have been uploading their gratitude towards their fans onto their respective Instagram accounts.

Source: WikiTree and Image