GFRIEND To Wrap Up Their “回” Series With A Full Album This November

GFRIEND is ready to make their return:

GFRIEND will be returning this November with the final part of their  series!

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Source Music recently announced GFRIEND would be making their highly-anticipated return with their third studio album 回: Walpurgis Night on November 9.

The new album will be the last story of the  series, which summarizes the growth narrative of the group. The series started with 回: LABYRINTH which announced the prelude to change before transitioning to show change through 回: Song of the Sirens回: Walpurgis Night, meanwhile, will mark the peak of change.

回: Walpurgis Night may also continue the witch theme GFRIEND presented through “Apple” the title track of 回: Song of the Sirens as Walpurgis Night is a celebration of Saint Walpurga, and 8th-century abbess who was hailed for battling witchcraft among other things.

| Source Music

This will be GFRIEND’s first comeback in four months since the release of 回: Song of the Sirens in July. It will also be GFRIEND’s third full-length album following the release of Time for Us which was released in January 2019.

GFRIEND will continue to collaborate with Big Hit Entertainment‘s leading producers while also participating more in the production of the album.

As GFRIEND has continously shown remarkable storytelling and dazzled with powerful performances, many are already looking forward to seeing what kind of new concept they will showcase through this comeback.

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