GFRIEND’s Yerin Dishes Out Sass Against Rude Commenters During Livestream

Trolls bombarded GFRIEND Yerin’s live video, and she shot right back at them with the best responses.

During a recent live video session, GFRIEND‘s Yerin received some rude questions and comments. But Yerin was not having any of that and clapped back with some major sass.

“Why do you think I opened the live video just now? Just focus on only me. Why are you asking where another member is and what are other members are doing? Why do you guys keep asking me about it?”


When the commenters continued to ask about the other members, Yerin pulled out her first line of defense: aegyo.

“Can’t you guys focus on me?”


She wanted questions about her, not questions about the members.

“‘Because I was curious.’ If you were curious, just ask them later. Ask them ‘What did you do on Thursday February 21st?’ directly yourself when you meet them next. Why do you keep asking me for it?“


Then some viewers suddenly wanted her to make ugly facial expressions.

“Do you think I put makeup on and started this live video just to make ugly faces?”


She told them to go find some themselves if they wanted to see ugly faces so much!

“Stop writing things like, ‘Please pretend to be ugly.’ Just go look up some ugly pictures of me. I feel like being pretty on this video, okay?”


And when they asked her if she and the other members got along she just laughed at them.

“We get along. Why would you ask that? What if for example, I said ‘No we don’t get along,’ what are you gonna do? hahaha!”


Fans are loving her responses and think she did a great job defeating those trolls.