GFRIEND’s Yerin And SinB Couldn’t Stop Playing With The Props On Their “Apple” MV Set

Well, that’s one way to pass the time in between takes!

When GFRIEND‘s Yerin and SinB are together you never know what kind of hilarious chaos will ensue. So when the two were hanging out together on the set of their “Apple” music video, well, not even the props were safe from their playfulness!

Capturing some behind content from their MV filming, a recent segment of G-ING exposed Yerin and SinB’s playful exploits with the giant grass balls on set.

These particular balls were used throughout the music video as a background prop, particularly during their scenes in the garden.

| Big Hit Labels/YouTube

Background prop or not, that certainly didn’t stop the duo from having fun with them! From the get-go, they couldn’t resist the faux grass spheres with Yerin showcasing her spinning skills with the garden prop.

Even when Yerin got tired of spinning…

Well, it really didn’t last long. Soon enough Yerin and SinB were back at it again only plopping the grassy balls back into place when they were called to begin filming!

Yerin and SinB certainly know how to have fun on set! Check out all their hilarious grass ball shenanigans or spot the prop in it’s natural environment in GFRIEND’s amazing “Apple” MV below: