GFRIEND’s Yuju Makes First Appearance Since Her Mysterious Absence

Yuju has finally been found!

Ever since the end of October, GFRIEND fans have been searching for Yuju as Source Music mysteriously announced that she will not be taking part in any group activities during November.


With November coming to a close, Source Music remained secretive about her temporary departure. They only reassured fans that she was healthy and that they shouldn’t worry.

“There’s nothing wrong with Yuju. We’ll be releasing an explanation for her recent departure from promotions soon.”

— Source Music


After a month long hiatus from the public eye, Yuju has finally been found! She made a surprise appearance during GFRIEND’s latest live video session (starting at 11:37).


Yuju appeared beautiful and fresh as ever as she graced the screen with her bare makeup-less face!

“Hi, Buddy!”

— Yuju 


She expressed how much she missed her fans and how much they mean to her.

“Our Buddys! My love!

I missed you guys.”

— Yuju


With Yuju spotted safe and sound, GFRIEND fans can await the group to promote with all of its members!