GFRIEND’s Yerin Reportedly Has Her First Scheduled Activity Since The News Of The Group Leaving Source Music

She will continue her schedules.

GFRIEND‘s Yerin reportedly has her first scheduled activity since the news of GFRIEND leaving Source Music.

According to an exclusive report by Herald Pop, Yerin will be appearing on Lifetime‘s Beauty program Beauty Time Season 3. The show broadcast its first episode on May 30.

Beauty Time Season 3 will delve into the beauty tips and routines of celebrities as well as check out beauty items and lifestyles fit for everyday life. In addition to Yerin, fellow K-Pop idols T-ARA‘s Jiyeon and former AOA member Choa will be appearing on the show.

On May 18, Source Music suddenly announced GFRIEND would be leaving the company after failing to reach an agreement on contract renewals. Following the announcement, they removed all notices for GFRIEND’s upcoming schedules.

Source: Herald Pop