Netizens Come To Ghana YouTuber’s Defense After He Was Terrorized For Cheering For Ghana In The World Cup Match Against South Korea

“The haters are the uncivilized ones.”

The Ghana Twins are known for their comedic content about their lives in South Korea. As they post content in both Korean and English, they have amassed a significant following of around 363,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Although they mostly receive highly positive reactions from the Korean public, a recent video about the World Cup match between Korea and Ghana seems to have rubbed people the wrong way. Naturally, the twins love and respect Korea and Koreans. But when it came to soccer, they couldn’t help but cheer for their homeland. The video showed how torn they were between the two countries despite ultimately cheering for Ghana to win.

| Ghana Twins

The video was made in good humor with no malicious intent.

| Ghana Twins

He ended the apology wisely, explaining that every match “has to have a winner and a loser.”

As tensions ran high due to the World Cup, the video came at a bad time after South Korea lost the match by one point. Koreans were also sensitive about the match as many felt that the referee ended the match unfairly when the Korean team was entitled to a corner kick.

Negative and racist comments began to plague the Ghana Twins.

  • “Go back to your country, you bl*ckies.”
  • “Does Ghana not teach you guys the national anthem in school? When it was time to sing the anthem, everyone was either just opening and closing their mouths or keeping them shut. When they were caught on camera, they all couldn’t hold in their laughter and burst, perhaps because they don’t know the song.”
  • “Why are you cheering for Ghana? Your country is Ghana but you’re using Korean?”
  • “They’re ridiculing Korea. I’m canceling my subscription.”

The hate they received resulted in the twins uploading an apology video. They explained that they have always rooted for Korea but were sorry to the fans upset by the video. He explained that he did not want to lie in the first place and pretend to cheer for Korea because of his current location and status as a YouTuber based in Korea.

| Ghana Twins

Despite the malicious comments, the general public came to the twins’ defense. Netizens were quick to call out the racist comments.

| theqoo

  • “No but why are people slowly becoming so… If you guys go overseas, will you cheer for that country?”
  • “It’s nothing to apologize about and nothing to be cursed at for. The haters are the uncivilized ones.”
  • “No but why are there so many crazies out there? I feel sorry for the twins.”
  • “You don’t have to apologize. The people who wrote the comments are probably not the ones who watch the channel regularly and just saw the video after searching for Ghana on YouTube. They’re weirdos who wrote hate comments.”
  • “Just report all of them…”

The original video can be viewed below.

Source: theqoo