“WTF Is That!!!!!” Rapper Jay Park Spots By A Mysterious Foot In His Interview Footage — And He’s Terrified

From hip hop to horror… whose foot is that?!

Rapper Jay Park recently appeared on Lee Youngji‘s YouTube show My Alcohol Diary, and when the episode was released, he noticed something creepy.

My Alcohol Diary/YouTube

Jay Park’s episode on My Alcohol Diary aired on June 2, showing the two rappers having fun while drinking alcohol. Lee Youngji even gifted her sunbae (“senior” in Korean) a Rolex watch to thank her mentor after he coached her on the rap audition program Show Me The Money 11. 

On June 4, Jay Park posted a screenshot of the episode out of terror. The screenshot showed Lee Youngji dancing to his new song “Candy.” While he sat down and played the music from his phone, Lee Youngji got out of her seat and danced on the right side of the screen. However, in Jay Park’s screenshot, a mysterious foot was under Lee Youngi’s seat.

| @moresojuplease/Instagram

Jay Park posted this screenshot on his Instagram story with a caption expressing his terror.

But I’m not kidding… WTF is that!!!!! Whys there a foot there!! Please tell me that’s a camera trick… Producer, please explain… I’m scared…

— Jay Park

He even commented on the episode on the My Alcohol Diary YouTube channel.

12:40 What’s that foot under the table… Really? Someone please explain.. 😱???!?!?? I’m scared

— Jay Park

Fans found his comment hilarious and poked fun at him, calling him a “scaredy cat” and saying, “Sorry, oppa, I was hiding under the table👀👻” and “You’re so cuteㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ.

| @moresojuplease/Instagram

Although it looks like the foot of a mysterious ghost, people are speculating it was an editing mistake. You can watch the whole moment here.

Source: Wikitree, Insight and My Alcohol Diary

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