Rapper Lee Young Ji Flexes With An Expensive Gift For Jay Park

Can we be friends with her too?

Rapper Lee Young Ji is known for her YouTube show, No Prepared. The show highlights her amazing personality with how comfortable her guests always are on the show. While she has always been on the receiving end of love, such as when SEVENTEEN gifted her with a custom microphone…

…she decided to gift her mentor with a priceless present this time. Young Ji competed on the survival rap program Show Me The Money recently.

She was mentored by the iconic producers Jay Park and Slom.

She had bought the gift in January, but was only able to deliver it to Jay Park more recently in May.

The moment she brought out the green bag from Rolex, Jay Park was both happy and taken aback. Rolexes are known for their high pricing and luxurious status.

Young Ji sweetly noted that Jay Park did not own a watch in spite of his success. It wouldn’t be Young Ji without a fake-out! She replaced the watch with a toy in the box…

…before giving him the real thing.

Young Ji’s generosity knows no bounds. She also gave a similar watch to Slom in February.

Netizens had nothing but high praise for the young star.

Netizen reactions to the flex. | theqoo
  • Wow, Young Ji is so cool.
  • Wow.
  • Young Ji’s character is so good.
  • Did she spend her prize money on presents for the producers? Amazing.
  • Jay Park’s entire person is a luxury good, so that’s why he doesn’t wear expensive watches, but once he puts it on, he suits it so well.
  • Respect.
  • Gasp, that’s amazing.
  • Jay Park and Lee Young Ji are so heart-warming.

Lee Young Ji is known to be a huge fan of Jay Park. She even had her Facebook status in 2015 set as “Jay Park oppa is mine!” We don’t know who is luckier between the two. Catch their adorable interactions below.


Source: theqoo

Lee Young Ji

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