(G)I-DLE Surprises With Explicit Performance Of “TOMBOY” At The Seoul 2022 WATERBOMB Festival

They finally performed it uncensored!

(G)I-DLE performed an explicit version of their hit song “TOMBOY!”


Over the weekend, Seoul’s annual WATERBOMB Festival returned for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic with an amazing star-studded lineup, including (G)I-DLE.

The fun summer festival lives up to its name as water cannons are used to douse the artists and the audience in water. Along with performing, the artists get into an epic water battle, often resulting in sexy performances.

2022 Waterbomb Festival | @waterbomb_official/Instagram

A risque or sexy performance is not exactly what made (G)I-DLE’s performance explicit, though.

Soyeon (left) and Yuqi (right) at WATERBOMB Festival. | @ohmybabygod/Twitter

The group performed the title track “TOMBOY” from their recent comeback album  I Never Die. The song became a hit, even achieving the first Realtime All-Kill of 2022, much to Soyeon‘s surprise, as it technically includes “bad words” in the lyrics. She previously revealed, “I’ve been shocked to see that this kind of song can win 1st place.”

Some beeping parts and bad words in the song, right? In a way, as idol singers, there are some words we mustn’t use, right? I’m not sure why we should follow such a prejudice. Anyway, we persuaded people to break it…

— Soyeon


Although it’s a title track, there’s actually the F word in the chorus’s lyrics. Yet, it’s censored with a beep, as Soyeon described.

Yeah, I’m fu- tomboy
(Uh, ah, uh)
Yeah, I’ll be the tomboy
(Uh, ah)
This is my attitude
Yeah, I’ll be the tomboy

— (G)I-DLE “TOMBOY” lyrics

Nevertheless, there is actually an uncensored version out there for fans. It’s only available to listen to through CD, though.

So, knowing that the WATERBOMB Festival is only for 18+ admits, (G)I-DLE took advantage of the mature crowd to perform the uncensored version of “TOMBOY” live, much to Neverland’s (their fans) excitement.

Soyeon: I heard only 19 and over can attend [this event].

Yuqi: That day has finally come!

Soyeon: We can finally perform the original version of “TOMBOY.” It’s our first time [performing it]. You guys know we have more fun if you guys sing along, right? Then let’s practice once before.

This is a moment we’ve been waiting for ever since “TOMBOY” was first released! It’s so awesome to see (G)I-DLE continue to break idol norms.

You can watch (G)I-DLE’s full performance of “TOMBOY” at The Seoul 2022 WATERBOMB Festival below:

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