(G)I-DLE’s Shuhua Is Applauded For Expressing Her Anger Towards The Men In Viral Clip Of Them Assaulting Women

“You were born as a human being, so please behave like one…”

(G)I-DLE member Shuhua is being applauded for her stance against violence toward women.

Shuhua | @yeh.shaa_/Instagram

Recently a clip has been going viral in which several Chinese men attacked a group of women for not reciprocating their advances.

A group of men assaulted women in a restaurant in Tangshan China. A man is shown walking up to a table of women and starts touching the woman in white while speaking to her. When she pushes him off, he starts attacking her, and then throws chairs at the other women trying to help her. The video clip of the assault is spreading on Weibo, and is receiving condemnation.

— @Kingtangnim10/Twitter

To this, (G)I-DLE member Shuhua condemned the attack and consoled the victim on her Weibo account.

| Shuhua’s Weibo account

To all of you lovely girls, I am sorry I can’t help your pain, fears, and grievances, but now what’s important is that you live well and heal with time. Other than that, trust me, everyone will fight for your justice. There is no reason to show mercy to scums like them. I just hope you can see the warmth in your misfortune.

— Shuhua

The idol then addressed the men and their cowardice attack on the women.

Also, I just can’t understand it. This is something that those who are educated or even animals who aren’t educated should know. If you have a brain, how can you not understand? You were born as a human being, so please behave like one. Don’t lower the standards for humans. But you’re not even worthy of being human. Although I do not know if scums like you can understand me, scums, listen up. If it weren’t for you maliciously harming others, we wouldn’t need to self-protect. Stop blaming the victims. I’ve had enough with the existence of scums. It makes me sick to know they are alive and breathing. The authorities must open their eyes wide. You must not show mercy to them!

— Shuhua

When a fan showed concern over the idol speaking out, Shuhua let it be known that she isn’t afraid to use her voice for what she believes in.

The Weibo post, has gone viral in Korea, and Koreans are applauding Shuhua for her strong stance.

  • 501. Shuhua is even more mature than I thought~
  • 502. Shuhua’s writing is so clear and well thought out I like it.
  • 503. Shuhua is cool, and I like her because she’s so strong.
  • 504. At times like this, the Joan Of Arc side of her INFP personality shines through
  • 505. I like that her stance is clear.
  • 506. Makes me like her so much more…
  • 507. So cool (emoticon)
  • 509. Shuhua seems like a person who never wavers on her morals. So cool.
  • 510. So cool.


Source: Theqoo and Wikitree
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