“Being Silly Is Now Illegal?” — Fans Come To (G)I-DLE’s Defense Over “Bad Actions” Overseas

Some, though, think they deserve the criticism.

Recently, the actions of some of (G)I-DLE‘s members while overseas has caught attention online, and not for positive reasons.

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Some netizens are claiming that the girl group members are taking part in “dangerous” activities and taking advantage of being outside of Korea, though others think that the criticism is going too far.

Soyeon ((G)I-DLE)

On an online forum, a photo was shared that showed two of the members riding together on an electric scooter. Electric scooters can be dangerous when not ridden properly, and they’re not meant to carry more than one person, so critics have taken the picture as evidence of (G)I-DLE’s lack of being careful.

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However, the photo doesn’t really give all the context of the situation, such as how fast they were going or how long they were both on the scooter.

The other “situation” that (G)I-DLE’s members are being criticized for is for using their luggage to sit on.

| Pann Nate
| Pann Nate

There are more photos about this instance on the forum that show a little more context than the scooter riding, but the defenders of (G)I-DLE think that critics are being far too harsh for something that’s silly and overall harmless.

| Pann Nate
| Pann Nate

Most of the criticism is aimed at the scooter incident, with some commenters giving their own experience as examples for why it’s not safe.

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But overall, comments on the forum post are coming to (G)I-DLE’s defense and think the situation is not worth all of the criticism that the members are getting.

As long as the members are looking out for their safety and the safety of others, it doesn’t seem like them acting a bit silly deserves harsh criticism!

Source: Pann Nate and Pann Choa