(G)I-DLE Pay Homage To Minnie’s Thai Heritage In Different Ways At The “37th Golden Disc Awards”

Minnie was so happy during the awards show!

Fans are currently praising (G)I-DLE for the different ways they paid homage to Minnie‘s Thai heritage during their appearance at the 37th Golden Disc Awards!

(G)I-DLE | @G_I_DLE/Twitter

(G)I-DLE, like many groups, are multi-national and have members that come from both Korea and other countries. Minnie is from Thailand and is known to be friends with many other Thai idols like GOT7‘s BamBam and BLACKPINK‘s Lisa.

Minnie and GOT7’s BamBam (right) | @min.nicha/Instagram
Minnie and BLACKPINK’s Lisa (left) | @min.nicha/Instagram

This year’s GDAs took place in Thailand, and fans anticipate the group coming to Minnie’s home country. From the start of the show, fans were not disappointed!

(G)I-DLE first walked the red carpet with Minnie leading the way while wearing lovely pink outfits.

In addition to pink being Minnie’s favorite color, the outfits were made from Thai silk and created by famous designer Polpat Asavaprapha, founder of Asava. According to Asavaprapha, the designs and silhouettes were all inspired by traditional Thai costumes!

Polpat Asavaprapha working on (G)I-DLE’s dresses. | @polpatasava/Instagram

Minnie’s outfit specifically seems to be a modernized version of the Chut Thai, a Thai traditional dress.

Miss International 2019 Sireethorn Leearamwat wearing the Chut Thai traditional dress. | @Missosology/Twitter

Later on during the night, (G)I-DLE were one of the many groups that performed during the ceremony. The group’s monologue was spoken in Thai during the performance’s introduction!

Fans also loved Minnie doing her iconic line from “Villian Dies” in Thai as well!

Minnie seemed overjoyed to be representing her group in her home country, and her group made were just as proud of her! During (G)I-DLE’s award acceptance speech, she addressed the crowd in her native tongue as her parents watched from the audience.

Fans appreciate the various things that (G)I-DLE did to make their time in Thailand special.