(G)I-DLE’s Yuqi Proves She’s A Top Contender To Inheriting TWICE Dahyun’s Famous Talent

Will she be Dahyun-approved?!

(G)I-DLE‘s Yuqi is known for many of her skills, including performing, visuals, language, and so much more… but she’s ready to add on another talented skill under her belt!

It all started when a fan pointed her camera towards Yuqi in the middle of a concert. Clearly, Yuqi was sitting so far away that it’d be the perfect chance to catch a candid photo of her!

Yuqi is circled in green.

But despite being hundreds of feet away, Yuqi spotted the camera right away! When the fan zoomed in, they were surprised to see Yuqi starting straight back at them!

Knowing she had her fans in the palm of her hands, Yuqi gave them the sweetest smiles for their photos!

And it wasn’t just a fluke. During the latest ISAC competitions, Yuqi was once again sitting completely far away from her fans.

Yuqi is circled in green.

But when a fan pointed their camera in her direction, she knew right away!

How did she know the camera was pointing at her?! Is this a natural gift?!

Actually, it’s very similar to the supernatural power TWICE‘s Dahyun is famous for! Dahyun is legendary for being able to suddenly feel and spot out a camera pointed towards her direction in a second!

Does Dahyun finally have a protege under her wing? Will they be creating a new club to train their supernatural gift together?

One things for sure, (G)I-DLE fans will have to try much harder to try and sneak a pic of Yuqi!

She’s got us all under the palm of her hands!

Source: Nate Pann