(G)I-DLE’s Shuhua Gives The Most Savage Explanation For Why She Pins Fans’ Comments

Shuhua is slaying at life and she knows it!

(G)I-DLE‘s Shuhua explained the reason behind the idol’s tendency to pin certain fans’ comments.

The ladies of (G)I-DLE were a guest on the YouTube channel Diggle, where they answered some of their fans’ most pressing questions. The ladies also showcased their new hit single, “Nxde.”

During the Q&A segment, hosts Miyeon and Johnathan asked group member Shuhua a rather tricky question.

I heard you pin comments that say you are pretty. Why do you do this?

— Miyeon

Although many others might have circumvented the truth, Shuhua proved herself to be a straight shooter and answered truthfully, with savagery unique to the K-Pop icon.

Because it’s good to look at.

— Shuhua

Host Johnathan then revealed a real-life interaction Shuhua had with one of her fans on Instagram. In the interaction, Shuhua’s confidence was again highlighted.

  • Fan: “You’re a goddess????”
  • Shuhua: “Take off the question mark.”
  • Fan: “You’re a goddess.”

Shuhua then doubled down on her goddess mode and chastised the fan for questioning the obvious.

Say it with confidence. Why are you questioning it?

— Shuhua

Miyeon then teased her member by bringing up another comment written by a fan that praised Shuhua’s beauty.

I am shook. I am in shock after seeing Shuhua in real-life. Why is she so pretty?

— Fan

Shuhua then cooly replied to the comment, making it known that she approved of the comment.

Move up (comment).

— Shuhua

It seems Shuhua knows that she is THAT girl, and fans are definitely here for it!

Months removed from their highly-touted first studio album, I Never Die, (G)I-DLE are back with the release of their 5th mini album, I love. Check out the group’s new hit single “Nxde” in the link below!

Source: DIGGLE/YouTube


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