(G)I-DLE Hilariously Exposes CUBE Entertainment’s “Poor Treatment” Towards The Group — Here’s Why

The members aren’t afraid to speak their minds!

When it comes to K-Pop idols who aren’t afraid to speak their minds, (G)I-DLE is always up there. Whether it’s through their interviews, songs, or promotions, the members are always strong with their thoughts and won’t be silenced.

In particular, they’ve gained attention for not being afraid to call out their company, CUBE Entertainment.

The concept photo for (G)I-DLE’s album | CUBE Entertainment

Recently, the group appeared alongside host Jonathan on the Diggle YouTube page.

During the video, Jonathan explained that (G)I-DLE is known as the breadwinner for their company, CUBE.

Miyeon even added that after their comeback, the stocks had risen and, despite protests from Miyeon that she had more, Yuqi pointed out that she probably should’ve more when the value was low. Of course, leader Soyeon was there to back Yuqi up, even though it seemed like Yuqi had less than ever she thought.

Unsurprisingly, with their success, Jonathan wanted to know whether CUBE was treating them well, adding, “Do they prepare a red carpet for you or something?”

Shuhua was quick to respond, saying, “They didn’t even fix our AC.” Minnie even added, “Neither the fridge.”

With Yuqi explaining, “We’re shedding blood, sweat and tears,” Jonathan made netizens laugh when he added, “Cube is always the same. That’s cool.”

Minnie came back with the most iconic comeback, adding, “By now, it’s okay to change…” which made both Jonathan and the rest of the members laugh.

Yet, it isn’t the first time (G)I-DLE has hilariously called out CUBE Entertainment during a variety show.

During Idol Human Theater, the members weren’t afraid to call out their company on the lack of air conditioning, even adding that because the fridge wasn’t working well, “Nothing works.”

The idols then continued to list a number of issues when it came to their working space in the CUBE building.

In particular, Minnie explained that she had asked for management to throw out a sofa two years ago, yet it had somehow ended up back in their practice room.

Although most of it was said in jest and lightheartedly, fans have always criticized CUBE for the treatment of their artists. Whether (G)I-DLE was meant to be serious or not with their criticisms, netizens believe the company needs to do better and could start with better conditions for the group.

You can read more from the video below.

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Source: Diggle


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